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About Office Hub

Office Hub is the No.1 global marketplace for office space. We bring all of the world’s flexible office spaces into one search engine so you can easily search, book tours and land your perfect office space.

Founded in 2014, we’re a young and innovative company with big intentions. We’ve shaken up the industry with our bespoke service-focused approach to office leasing and we’re making it easier than ever for businesses of all sizes to lease office space. In just a few simple steps, businesses and professionals can now lease office space in a way that is far more affordable and less time consuming than a conventional office lease.

We combine outstanding personalised service with advanced tech to act as your modern day commercial real estate agent. With Office Hub, leasing an office space is just a few clicks away.


Meet the team

Our dynamic, passionate and fun-loving team is the secret to your office-leasing success! We’re an award-winning group and we love helping out with your enquiries.

Grant Philipp

Chief Executive Officer

Tyler Gill

Head of Business Development

Rebecca Philipp

Brand Manager

Sean o'Connor

Sales and Account Manager

Andrew Beck

Sales and Account Manager

Anu Sharma

Sales and Account Manager

Justin Rosenberg

Sales and Account Manager

Elin Bjorklund

Sales Coordinator

Ellie Isaac

Digital Content Assistant

Saurav Khandelwal

Market Research Analyst


Workspace and Lead Tracking Assistant

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