Your extra office space is full of cash and business-boosting benefits

Make Money

The main purpose of renting your spare office space will likely be to make money. And you will – businesses who rent their extra desks out boost their bottom line and some now even operate rent-free. We’ll help you price your space to meet the market and start making money fast.

Create a Community

Bring other people into your workplace to make your working day a whole lot more exciting. A shared office space is sociable and collaborative – it’s one of the simplest ways to keep your team engaged. Even better, you can identify new business opportunities with your co-tenants by utilising or recommending each other’s services.

Be Part of a Movement

Shared office space is the future of commercial real estate. Lower costs, more flexibility and a happier team – it’s a revolution in business and companies all over the world are moving to flexible office space. Whatever size and industry you are in, coworking makes a statement that your business is modern, agile and people-focused.

It's Easy

Spare Office Space

Safe & Easy

With secure payments and simple contracts, it is safe and easy to list your office space and start making money.

Why rent out you empty office space

You're in charge

With our unique online portal WALTA, you’re in full control of your office pricing, availability, tours and office rules.

Office Hub's team of industry experts support you all the way

you're not alone

The Office Hub team of workspace experts has the knowledge and tools to help you make the right decisions for your space.

Boutique Service for New Office Providers

Do you have spare desks or a space you want to turn into a coworking centre? We offer a full service for new office providers, from the setup of your space, fitout and pricing to advertising and finding tenants. We’re your dedicated partner from start to finish and we’ve been expertly helping people rent out spare office space since 2014.

Featured Workspace Partners

We partner with the world’s largest office providers and thousands of local businesses to rent out their spare office space.

"If you can fit a desk,
we can work with it!"

Grant Philipp, Office Hub Founder & CEO, explains how we help find tenants for your office space.

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